76. Adversity is a hard part of life to accept, but a necessary part.

77. Believe it or not, everything God said really is true.

78. Prayer is like planting a seed, and then you wait for it to grow.

79. The power of decision can change your life.

80. Be careful who you give your heart to. They might break it.

81. No matter how bad a situation is, people will stay in it because they are familiar with it.

82. Life is a control issue. If you are not in control, who, or what is?

83. Real men really do listen to Barry Manilow.

84. Winners never quit, and quitters never win.

85. Hamburger Helper? How do you help hamburger?

86. The greatest self esteem is achieved through the efforts we make to improve ourselves.

87. Failure is to stop trying.

88. There is no greater reward than improving ourselves.

89. There is no greater service than serving others.

90. Only those who put forth the most effort to become the most they can become receive the most rewards life has to offer.

91. Life is full of ups and downs. Unfortunately more downs than ups. (My Father)

92. Remember, don't let anyone use you for a pissing post. (My Father)

93. Most people love to hear what tickles their ears. That's why most people enjoy listening to a politician.

94. When your neighbor loses his job, it's a recession. When you lose your job, it's a depression. (Ronald Reagan)

95. Everyone loves a winner.

96. You become what you think about.

97. Whatever a man believes he is in his heart, he is. (Jesus)

98. Sometimes when I stand, everyone stands with me. Sometimes when I stand, I stand alone. (Me)

99. We all have problems. Some just face their's better than others.

100. Anyone who doesn't mind a loser. (My Brother)

101. Don't talk crazy to a crazy person. They might do something crazy to you.


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