Imagine the phone bill when ET phoned home.

Desire is the first step of the journey.

The team with the most desire...wins!

Success can be duplicated. Just ask McDonalds.

Bottoms up may not be a good position to be in.

If you see me standing naked, you have probably unlawfully broken into my home.

Passion is the desire to succeed.

It's not how much you make that counts. It's how you spend it.

If you don't like the job you're in, get a new job.

Before you criticise someone else, look at yourself first.

There is only one person responsible for your success or failure. You.

When I'm standing tall, I'm still only 5'6.

We can control our thoughts. And we should.

When life is good, it's good. When life is bad, it's bad.

The bigger the challenges we experience in life, the bigger we have to grow.

Get rid of all negative thoughts. Negativity holds us back. (My son-in-law)

Everyone in life is where they are because of all the previous choices they have made.

Anger can be used to move us in a positive or negative direction.

People are like magnets. They have a positive and a negative side.

All disciplines in our life affect all the other disciplines.

You don't get an education to get a good job. You get an education to get a good life.

You don't an education to get into prison. Maybe that's why they're so full.

Have you notcied people with poor vocabularies usually behave poorly?

Think outside the box. Think bigger than the person next to you. Rise above each challenge you face in life and you will appear smarter than the person next to you.

If you're not working to accomplish your goals, you're working to accomplish someone else's.




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