I was standing on a hill looking at a town

Wondering if I went down there, would I look like a clown?

Then the answer to my problems came and standing before me

Was an elephant with a tuxedo on sitting in a tree.

He said, "Worry not, don't be afraid. I'll give you some advice.

Just listen to my helpful tips and you'll be looking nice.

The people there all like to wear their shoes upon their heads.

Their hats they wear beneath their feet. They color their hair red.

The men like to wear dresses. The woman all wear slacks.

They paint their white teeth green and carry monkeys on their backs."

So I listened to his helpful words and told him just to wait.

I came back with my wardrobe on and he said I looked great!

But when I got to town the people laughed at me.

And after I'd been pondering why, the reason came to me.

The moral of this story would only have to be:

Never trust an elephant with a tuxedo on

Sitting in a tree.


Dianne, my daughter. May 20, 1996

Published in "Portraits of Life"


As you read this story it may seem to be

It come from Alice in Wonderland, or so you may think you see

It came from a young girl growing up to be

A charming young lady who gave a grand daughter to me.

The imagination is wonderful and so can writing be

Open up your hearts and minds and let your pens flow expressingly

Share all your thoughts to each other and live your lives neighborly

For time is passing by ever so hastily


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