If there is one thing worth investing in, it's your state of mind. You can accomplish all that you dream and desire, but the first step is your attitude and what you believe in your mind. Here at 101 Sayings we offer words of wisdom, direction and a little humor to put your mind in the right place, make your day a little better, and put a smile in your heart.

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Our Philosophy

In today's modern world, we human beings don't take the time, nor do we have the time to read modern philosophy. Many who have gone before us have left their interpretations of life and their beliefs they feel will help us lead more productive and more beneficial lives.

Thanks to their valuable insights, we have put together some of their practical insights, and some of the not-so-practical insights. We have added some from the guy who sees today's world slightly different from the rest of us.

These sayings we have comprised are meant to stimuate thought, help you have a better tomorrow, and hopefully tickle your funny bone.

A more productive tomorrow starts today. Only a learned mind can succeed.



101 Sayings To Live By is a comedic website with some useful sayings used for entertainment purposes. Some of our sayins are humorous, some insightful, others inspirational, and a few are religious. This side is for entertainment and not intended to be offensive towards anyone. We operate under the Fair Use Act and Freedom of Speech Act. We hope you enjoy these sayings and actually gain something from them making your life a little better. We hope to lighten your heart and inspire success in your life.

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